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A Simple Solution to Food Waste - Community Fridges

How much food do you, your family or your company waste each year? It’s estimated that 10 million tonnes of food is wasted each year in the UK, 70% of which could have been avoided, find out more here.

While so much food is being wasted, many people still remain food insecure. To tackle this challenge, Hubbub came up with a solution. The idea was simple, retailers would donate their extra food, and community members in need would have access to healthy and free food at communal Community Fridges. To put their idea into action, Hubbub pitched at TFN’s Strategic Funding Group event, raising almost £20,000 to put their idea into action, and set up an initial 30 Community Fridges.

Since pitching, Hubbub has been delighted by the speed at which the idea has taken off. After seeing that the idea worked extraordinarily well, the program was expanded and 50 fridges have now been set up.

Every month, each Community Fridge redistributes around half a tonne of food, serving the equivalent of 50,000 meals. The impact is far-reaching, supporting more than 1,500 families overall.

Trewin Restorick who pitched on the night tells us: “I’m inspired every day by seeing the difference we are making in the lives of people who might otherwise go hungry if it weren’t for our program. And we have big plans, we now aim to open another 50 Community Fridges by the end of 2020”.

You can read their latest impact report here, and learn more about Hubbub here.


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