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Welcome from TFN's new Chairs

In its 16 year life, TFN has had just two Chairs. Fred Mulder led us through our first decade and Michael Maynard for the past six years. Are there many better examples of quality over quantity?

In searching for Michael's successor, we knew we needed to blend an understanding of TFN's DNA; we cannot afford to lose the warmth that characterises our events, with an appreciation of the digital millennial economy that presents us with opportunities and threats unimagined back in 2002. 

It took us too long to realise that replacing Michael was a task for two people. It would have been three, had he also stepped down from running our pledging sessions! 

As a result, TFN is delighted to announce that two of its existing trustees, Sam Lush and Simon Wheatley, have stepped up to take on the challenge of leading TFN through its next phase. 

Sam first came to TFN through City Funding Network in 2014 and has been a trustee since 2017. Sam is keen to ensure longstanding partnerships are established with corporations and charitable trusts so that TFN continues to have solid foundations to fund social impact projects across the UK and internationally. 

Simon attended his first TFN event in 2010 and has been a trustee since 2011; almost all of which as Treasurer. He brings experience, institutional memory and has been a solid supporter of TFN International since its inception, travelling to South Africa with Fred and Eugenie for maiden events in Johannesburg and Cape Town. 

Backed by a diverse board of trustees, this blend of experience will hopefully hold TFN in good hands for years to come. Sam will be at our next TFN London event on 23 May at Rathbone Greenbank, so you'll be able to meet him in person then. 

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