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Trustees' week is 1-5 november

Trustees' week is just around the corner, so we're taking this opportunity to say thank you to our own wonderful Board, and to encourage you to use your skills by becoming a Trustee! TFN's Trustees provide vital expertise, guidance and practical support when we need it - which, as a small charity, is often. Thank you Sam, Ailis, Jen, Kawika, Michael, Adrian, Ofovwe, Shan and our lovely Company Secretary, Caroline. 

Interested in becoming a Trustee? TFN events are a great place to hear about opportunities, as many of the charities we support are looking to expand their Boards and we love to make connections between our Members and the charities we support. And if you're not sure what becoming a Trustee entails Getting on Board is a great place to start - it has some really useful information and training. 

Finally, former TFN grantee Flamingo Chicks is currently looking for new Trustees! We know, because our Partnerships and Events Manager, Jennie, is already on their Board. Jennie says:

"Being a Trustee is so rewarding, and Flamingo Chicks is an incredible charity to volunteer for - they are so passionate and never fail to lift my mood! There's a lot to learn but it's a great way to gain experience and insights into the charity sector, and a genuinely useful way to offer my skills. I highly recommend it!"


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