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TFN's year - 2021

2021 has been another highly successful year for TFN - our members and supporters have raised an incredible £546,000 for 42 charities at 13 events. Our Summer Funder was the highest earning event raising £71,000 in a single evening. While these numbers are gratifying, what it really means is that 42 outstanding charities have been able to support and empower many more people. From children with parents in prison, to people living with dementia, to women in rural areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo, thousands of lives have been changed.

And we know that the experience of pitching in front of an audience and seeing their support firsthand makes a huge difference to the people doing this vital work - the encouraging comments mean as much as the funds raised. Running a small charity can often seem like an uphill struggle, with long hours, challenging situations, overwhelming need and little thanks. We hope that our events have not only raised funds to support vital work, but provided a boost to those pitching.

As Amy Barnecutt from A Partner in Education, who pitched from her home in Rwanda at both our Autumn Funder in 2020 and our Strategic Funding Group in 2021, said: I was nervous, not only that I might mess up my speech but also that the power might go off, that we might experience one of Rwanda’s incredible rain storms, that one of my children might video-bomb the live stream or that TFN members just wouldn’t get our work and wouldn’t want to donate. The amazing response and enthusiasm of the audience following my pitch put my mind at ease very quickly. It reminded me that there are like-minded and passionate people everywhere.  I am so glad that TFN believed in APIE and gave us the opportunity to engage with a new network of philanthropists. At a time when I was feeling isolated in a locked down country, you re-opened the doors and windows of the world to me.

To all of the charities we've supported this year and those that have given to them, thank you. 

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