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TFN Oxford invites students and businesses to support local charities

The Funding Network (TFN) Oxford  is inviting students and local businesses to get involved in philanthropy by attending our annual live crowdfunding event on 5th May 2016.

TFN Oxford’s live crowdfunding events raise money for social change projects based in the Oxfordshire area, raising over £18,000 for four inspiring projects in 2015. At this year’s event, Host Oxford, Assisted Reading for Children, The Mix Community Space and Aldates Community Transformation Initiatives will pitch for funding to inspire social change in Oxfordshire.

TFN Oxford can offer responsible businesses a great opportunity to  discover and support innovative charitable projects; a business could decide to support one or more of the projects  and the internal selection process could itself be an educational exercise, a competition, or a debating point for staff. Representatives from businesses can then come to our event, meet the projects and allocate the business donation. Our signature live crowdfunding model means that your donations will be announced publicly on the evening of the event. Not only is this a fun way for a business and its staff to support local charities, but it’s also a chance for local businesses to network and raise their profile.

We are also encouraging students to get a taste of philanthropy and live crowdfunding by attending this year’s event. There’s a £50 minimum pledge so why don’t you and four friends come together and give £10 each? Donations from students are matched, meaning that the £50 that you and your friends give, will actually be £100 for one of the projects! This is a great way for you to come and find out about local charities and to maximise the potential of your donation through collective giving.

Spread the word and invite businesses and students to come and support four charities doing brilliant work to create social change. Tickets are on sale now! 

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