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TFN model inspires giving circles in Germany and Romanian diaspora communities

The month of June in the UK is typically a time to down tools, associated with holiday planning, the start of Wimbledon and outdoor games with friends and family. At The Funding Network this gives us a brief reprieve before the Autumn crowdfunding events kick off. However, further afield, within our network of TFN International, events are only getting started. 

The 17th of June was celebrated by the launch of virtual crowdfunding by two TFN International affiliates, the Braunschweig Community Foundation in Germany and The Romanian Diaspora Funding Network.

In Germany, this represents the Braunschweig Community Foundation giving circle's first ever event and the first following the TFN model in the country. Over €16,000 (approximately £13,700) was raised by 91 event participants for creative and socially minded projects including: using community chicken coops to tackle isolation amongst the elderly and using musical theatre to help refugees learn a new language and culture. There is now appetite to build on this success and second giving circle event is anticipated in February 2022. 

The second event of the 17th June saw the highly anticipated gathering of the Romanian Diaspora Funding Network, bringing together Romanian people living abroad and empowering them to tackle social issues in their communities. The network is made up of eight diaspora groups from Barcelona, Bruxelles, Berlin, Helsinki, London, Milan, Chicago and San Francisco. Over €14,000 (approximately £12,000) was raised by 152 participants in support of projects tackling climate change and the education of children from vulnerable families. 

"There was a real sense of joy, dedication and support for the work the presenting organisations were doing in Romania. We are beyond thrilled to support the hard-working, passionate RDFN team who offer their time voluntarily to find both worthy causes and engaged, thoughtful donors.

June seems to be a remarkable month in term of events hosted by our international affiliates and we want to offer our congratulations to groups from Hungary, Romania, Germany, Romanian diaspora and Albania and assure them of our unwavering support going forward. "

- Mihaela Giurgiu - TFN International Collaborator

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The Funding Network lends its unique, tried and tested live crowdfunding model to civil society organisations with shared aims (our ‘affiliates’) who are working at grassroots level in communities across the globe. We have affiliates in 17 countries from Brazil to New Zealand and provide ongoing training and funding to drive community transformation beyond our borders.
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