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TFN International meets with Ange Chitate

Angeline Chitate is Business and Development Manager at the Southern Africa Trust. The Trust supports civil society organisations in southern Africa to participate effectively in policy dialogue, ensuring that the voices of the poor and marginalised have an impact on policy development. We were delighted to have Ange attend our event at Rathbone Greenbank in London last night.

 “I first met the Trust during the research on my thesis on inclusive business. I wanted to go beyond academia and experience the practical side of implementing inclusive business models.  To my knowledge the Trust was the only non-profit that was implementing an inclusive business programme.”, said Ange about working with the Trust.

On civil society in Southern Africa, Ange believes it “must shape policies to overcome poverty.  Its engagement in the policymaking process must not only influence policies, but must hold governments accountable in the implementation of the policies.” Speaking about the challenges she faces in her mission to strengthen civil society and give a voice to marginalised people in Southern Africa, Ange said one of her key challenges is that of capacity: “civil society organisations face challenges of adequate resources; funding, technical, skills and as a result are limited in building capabilities to effectively participate in the policy making processes, whether at national or regional levels.”

When asked how she thinks live crowdfunding events can help the Trust address some of those issues, Ange said “the crowdfunding event directly speaks to the Trust’s objective of increasing funding flows to civil society organisations through philanthropic community giving platforms.” Ange experienced her first live crowdfunding event at TFN London on 15th July: “I was wowed by the reach of the TFN network. A Zimbabwean company, Econet, is now a partner of one of the projects that pitched at a previous TFN event. Another surprise was a South Africa based project, SEED Impact Trust, which pitched. Well done to TFN to for demonstrating a global approach in dealing with poverty.”

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