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Summer Funder biggest crowdfunding event in a decade

Records were broken last week at the annual TFN Summer Funder crowdfunding event; over £70,800 was raised in under 90 minutes for three newly selected non-profits. 

We were delighted to connect our audience of dedicated donors with Greater Change, Children Heard And Seen (CHAS) and Suvita. The energy from the online audience and charity representatives was palpable in the pledging session. Co-hosts Eugenie Harvey (CEO, TFN) and Michael Maynard (Former Chair, TFN) - pictured right - were left speechless as pledges of support flooded in at an unprecedented rate. More records were broken when a staggering £12,000 pledge of match funding was bid towards the end of the pledging session. And the outcome was evidence; each non-profit walked away with a grant well in excess of their £10,000 funding goals. 

Missed the action? You can find the non-profit pitches on our Youtube channel here

As a reminder, here's what each of the non-profits do and how the final grants will be used:

  • Greater Change uses the power of crowdfunding to help people leave homelessness behind for good. Formed in April 2018 to provide a solution to the financial barriers that often prevent people from leaving homelessness, the charity has already helped over 200 people on this journey and has already expanded across Oxfordshire and into London. The funds raised last week will cover the operating costs as they expand into Essex and Sussex; estimated to help an additional 16 people make the transition. 
  • Children Heard And Seen (CHAS) supports children and young people impacted by parental imprisonment. They are the only UK charity dedicated to supporting this isolated group of young people and their work is having a tangible impact on reducing the likelihood of intergenerational offending. Of the 500+ children CHAS has supported, only 2 have gone on to offend. CHAS will use the funds raised from the Summer Funder to fund a specialised Project Worker to provide direct support to famillies impacted by having a mother in prison.
  • Suvita combats child mortality in India by using evidence-based approaches to boost children’s attendance for routine immunisation appointments. Since it was founded in 2019, the team has worked on piloting and scaling up evidence-based approaches for increasing uptake of immunisation in India, where half of the world’s underimmunised children are born each year. Suvita has now received the funding needed to cover the technology costs for a six-month project, delivering two programmes across 1,764 villages in Saran district, Bihar, and reaching an estimated 25,000 children, to ensure they get their routine vaccinations.

Thanks go to T.Rowe Price for sponsoring this event and to Mary Akwaboah-Koomson for representing them on the night. 

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