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Remade in Edinburgh is up for a £10,000 prize!

Exciting news - Remade in Edinburgh's Founder, Sophie Unwin, has been nominated for the Bank of  Scotland's UK Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award, with a prize of £10,000! 

Funded in October 2011 and again in 2013, Remade in Edinburgh is a community led instigative, sharing repair skills and preventing household goods from being thrown away. They now have a centre, the Edinburgh Remakery, which offers workspace areas, runs workshops and sells refurbished technology, textiles and furniture. We spoke to Sophie to find out more about the award:

"The Funding Network gave us our first ever grant in 2011 as part of its Pitch Pledge Party (with the 10:10 campaign and the Guardian) and we're down to the last 5 for the Bank of Scotland Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award. If we won, the money would go a really long way. We'd use the £10,000 to seed a new organisation, REMADE, to work with groups across the UK to replicate the model, starting with two pilot projects. We've had interest from Glasgow and Mull to as far afield as Cornwall, Devon and York. Repair creates over 10 times as many jobs as recycling and this replication plan has potential to create 10,000 new jobs in the UK."

Watch a video from Sophie and read more from here in Third Force News. The deadline to vote is Friday 28th October - everybody can vote twice online and by texting SEYA Sophie to 67076 for free. 



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