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Meet TFN member Ingrid

As our festive funding event for members is coming up, we thought we'd catch up with one of our long-standing members, Ingrid, to find out more about her and her giving. 

"I was born in Guyana South and came to the UK as a one year old, with my mother and two older brothers, joining my father who was already here.

I left school at 18 and went and worked in the Inner London Magistrates and Juvenile Court Service for 13 years. In 1987 after a car crash I left and joined my husband in a business we had started together in our back room in Catford. In 2004 I bought him out of the company and became the Sole Proprietor of a cable and metal work manufacturing company which has now been running for over 34 years!

In 2010 I became an ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister; which simply means I honour all faith traditions, for in truth it all comes down to love, kindness and service to others. I have a Cyber Faith community - The Sunday Soul Connection which meets every Sunday via conference call for what would traditionally be called a service along with a 10 minute mid week top up - 10 @ 10 on a Thursday which is a short prayer/mediation call!

I write and craft bespoke baby, wedding, funeral and pre funeral blessings for people with none or mixed faith traditions. For example this year I did a baby blessing who’s mother was a lapsed Catholic and father a non practising Buddhist. They had two separate weddings when they got married and wanted a melding of both traditions for their baby blessing!

As part of my ministry I established my own Charitable Trust in order to be of service to the world and Coutts bank are my trustees. They hosted a TFN event in 2010 and invited me to attend. At the time I was a tad put out wondering why on earth should I attend someone else's charity event  - well, I was totally blown away! I was really taken by Read International - young university students who collected old books from libraries and raised funds to take them out to Tanzania and literally put them on the shelves in the schools. That was it, I was hooked - not only did I find myself caught up in the bidding, but right there and then, that evening in 2010 I became a TFN member and I haven’t looked back since!

Some other projects I have been pleased to support through TFN have been The Bike Project, Environmental Justice Fund and CleanConscience. As well as being able to support projects, I love the collaborations that TFN does with other organisations - such as the family event and the film event

I usually weigh things up before jumping in, but not on this occasion… the reason why I was so taken with it was that for me personally there’s something quite transformative on so many levels, when there’s a group of people that come together to uplift mankind! It’s the reason why if I’m in the country I will always attend. For whilst I enjoy giving grants, its a completely different experience of giving when its in the collective atmosphere of others who want to do their bit in making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves."

We also asked Ingrid to tell us something we might not know about her, and she said "Well this year I turned 60 and have become a doctoral candidate in the Doctor of Ministry programme in New York! At the end of three years I’ll be Rev Dr Ingrid L.Scott." Congratulations, Ingrid!


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