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Meet September's presenters

After a short summer break, we're looking forward to starting an Autumn full of live crowdfunding on 25th September. Our members have chosen four brilliant organisations to come and pitch, and today we're meeting the presenters:

Sarah & DJ, Corali

"​Corali is leading dance performing company with learning disabilities, based in London. We make original performance work and provide training and outreach. Corali enables children and adults with learning disabilities to build confidence, express their unique creativity and challenge perceptions of what people with learning disabilities can achieve. 

Sarah began working with Corali as a volunteer in its early days in the 1990s. She so passionately believed in what the charity was achieving that she has committed her working life to it ever since, becoming Artistic Director in 1993. Sarah's 24 years with Corali have steered it to its current recognition in the arts and charity sectors.

Sarah will be joined on the evening by DJ (Housni Hassan). DJ is a dancer and facilitator with Corali and has Williams Syndrome. He is a fabulous facilitator and a vital role model for the young people with learning disabilities that he teaches - he's an inspiration to everyone he meets! 

Sarah and DJ will be pitching for Corali's project 'A Chance to Shine' and was inspired by the parents of a current Corali participant. They told us how happy they were to have Corali in their son's life because it has enabled him to shine. This and other wonderful feedback from participants, families, carers and practitioners has encouraged us to set up a UK-wide special school project. We aim to introduce our work to more young people with learning disabilities, provide specialist teacher training and set up long-term partnerships in special schools. 

We are thrilled to have this opportunity to meet you, for you to meet DJ and to be able to share our project with TFN."

Savina, Aspyre Africa 

"I am Director and Co-Founder of Aspyre Africa. I have been dedicated to the cause of children in street situations ever since I first visited a shelter in Kinshasa (DRC) back in 1998. I have an MA in Social Anthropology of Development and a Master's degree in children's rights and worked for various children's rights organisations before setting up Aspyre Africa. My career path has been driven by the desire to protect the right to education of children in street situations, acquire experience at all levels and ultimately identify the job that would allow me to have the maximum impact on children's lives. 

At the TFN event I will present our 'Talibe' project in Senegal which provides 20 vulnerable young men with training in horticulture. In Senegal talibes are mostly boys aged 4 and above sent by their parents to an unregulated Koranic school. Young talibes are often forced to beg on the streets while older boys do small jobs to support their Koranic education. As their education focuses on the Koran and the schools are not part of the formal system. talibes have been continuously excluded from accessing formal vocational training. We aim to change that by providing 20 talibes with a 10 month training course at the local horticultural centre. Following a 100% success rate with the training of our first group of beneficiaries, we know that quality training and individual support can gives talibes a fresh start. As Senegal struggles with youth unemployment and economic migration, this project could serve as a model and be replicated at a national level. 

I am really looking forward to pitching at the event. This is a unique opportunity for us to present out work and inspire other like-minded individuals to join us in our mission to find lasting solutions to provide at-risk young people with market-driven training and access to sustainable livelihoods."

Josh, Cracked It

"Cracked It trains and employs young offenders and those at risk to repair smashed smartphones as a positive route away from crime. Our mission is to engage marginalised young people and support those furthest from the labour market to take responsibility, develop their skills and take their first steps towards employment. 

Cracked It was founded in 2015 after I spent time as a youth worker in East London. Young people would tell me how they'd deal drugs and use the cash they made to secretly slip into their mums' handbags to help pay the bills. In light of this I grew frustrated at the lack of credible, alternative pathways there were for at-risk young people, and I set up Cracked It in response to this. We've since been named as one of London's 'best iPhone fixers' by the London Evening Standard. 

I'm really looking forward to sharing our story with a new audience at TFN in September and inviting new friends to join us as we scale in the next stage of our growth."


"I have 25 years of experience across enterprise and civil society, and I have a strong grounding psychoanalysis and design. This gives me the framework through which I help people improve organisational dynamics in order to effect change and investigate new behaviours and innovations. 

I'm excited to be pitching at TFN in September and to present to you our GreenWave UK project. We have successfully established zero-input, zero-waste aquaculture farms in the US, and we're looking forward to be doing the same in the UK. 

In climbing terms you could call me a Sherpa, or in cycling terms a 'Domestique'. I know the equipment, the mountains and the mindset needed to get you up whatever the mountain is that needs to be climbed, or in GreenWave's case, depths to be dived!"

We hope you're looking forward to meeting the presenters and supporting their projects - see you on 25th September! 

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