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Hot off the press - In Defence of Philanthropy by Dr Beth Breeze

We’re excited to share news of Dr Beth Breeze’s new book, In Defence of Philanthropy which is hot off the press this week. Beth is the highly respected Director of the Centre for Philanthropy at Kent University and a longstanding friend of TFN’s. She is a passionate if clear-eyed advocate of philanthropy as is evident from the book’s blurb:

Running down “do-gooders” has become a popular pastime in recent years. Journalists and academics alike have lampooned and criticized philanthropists and big donors for their charitable activities, which are often characterized as a means of self-aggrandisement or tax evasion. Yet, it is widely acknowledged that philanthropy – from the establishment of Carnegie libraries in the nineteenth century to the recent global health interventions of the Gates Foundation – has played a critical role in both developed and developing societies. In an impassioned defence of the role of philanthropy in society, Beth Breeze tackles the main critiques levelled at philanthropy and questions the rationale for undermining and disparaging philanthropic acts. She contends that although it might be flawed, philanthropy is a sector that ought to be celebrated and championed so that an abundance of causes and interests can flourish.

To pick up your copy, follow this link

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