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The future of wealth stewardship

We’re excited to hear about a new venture from TFN Member and former Trustee, Stephanie Brobbey. The Good Ancestor Movement supports individuals and families with responsible wealth stewardship and “radical redistribution”.  

Between $35 and $70 trillion will transfer between generations in the next 20 years, ending up with family members of the world’s wealthiest 0.1%, according to an article in Yes Magazine which focuses on the initiative and the new generation of wealth advisors driving it forward.  Clearly the potential for this to further entrench racial and economic inequalities is immense, hence the movement to pioneer a radically different path for wealth stewardship. Moving from a focus on wealth accumulation to wealth minimization is vital if society and the environment are to have a future.

Steph, who previously worked as a solicitor for Goodman Derrick LLP, describes herself as ”inspired and optimistic” by the potential of the great wealth transfer which she believes can bring about much needed “repair and regeneration.”

You can read the article in Yes Magazine here, or check out this interview with Steph in Financial News


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