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Former MP Frank Dobson canvasses for your support

In the weeks before our Celebrities & Live Crowdfunding event, we have been speaking to the celebrities who will be there, supporting the causes they care about by pitching for them on the night. This time we spoke to Frank Dobson, former MP for Holborn & St. Pancras. Frank will be at our event on 21st March, making a pitch for funding for United AllStars, a charity which aims to empower young people in South London to change their communities through sports. Frank explained to us why he supports United AllStars and what about our event he's looking forward to. 

'I'm the happily retired former Secretary of State for Health and was privileged to be MP for Holborn and St. Pancras for 36 years until I stepped down in 2015. I've spent my career trying my best to reduce disadvantage and discrimination whether in my Camden constituency, across the UK as part of the anti-Apartheid movement, with the UK campaign for freedom and justice in South Africa founded in the 60s just down the road from The Funding Network's offices. 

I'll be speaking on behalf of United AllStars youth charity because not only does it change the lives of young Londoners but also it supports those young Londoners to then change the lives of their younger peers. Unlike many large charities, it has no paid staff and is run by committed volunteers who give up their time to change the lives of others. I got involved because my own son has volunteered for the charity for a decade and so for many years I've had the opportunity to see and hear first hand the changes that the charity helps young people bring about. 

Whilst I am a great believer in the power of the state to change lives through the education and health systems, I have had the privilege of visiting hundreds of charities throughout my career. When charities are at their best, they engage the talents of the public to contribute to help their fellow women and men in a way that the public and private sectors cannot. At a time when government cuts are reducing so many vital services available to the most disadvantaged, the role of the charity sector is even more important. United AllStars is a great example of a charity run by local people to address these challenges that the public and private sectors cannot or will not address.  

I'm really looking forward to presenting at the TFN event in March alongside Rilwan Aminu, a young volunteer who embodies everything that is good and positive about young Londoners. I look forward to meeting TFN members on the evening.'

If you would like to learn more about United AllStars and hear Frank Dobson's pitch for them, you can book tickets for our live crowdfunding event now! 

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