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First TFN event in Pécs, Hungary

We were thrilled to hear of the success of the first TFN event in the Hungarian city of Pécs last Thursday. Pécs is the fifth largest city in Hungary located in the south west of the country, close to the border with Croatia. The event - ÉLŐ ADÁS - which was organized by the newly established Pécs Community Foundation, supported by our good friends at Roots and Wings, raised approximately 2,5 million HUF (7,800 EUR) for the three projects - double the amount they’d hoped to raise! 

You can see some wonderful photos of the event by clicking here. The three projects included Rolling Basket which enables people with disabilities to play sport, Tamás éva Játéktára  which delivers interactive music concerts to young children and Élmény Tár Tanoda, a community development project. 

Best of all, the audience absolutely loved this new way of raising funds for projects in their own community and this, along with the astonishing result, gives us every reason to believe that this will not be the last live crowdfunding event in Pécs!

Congratulations to all involved and thanks to the Frederick Mulder Foundation which provided a €1,000 Starter Grant to help the organisers cover some of the event costs and to establish the principle of 'match funding' which as we all know, is so key to the success of TFN!

There are now three groups in Hungary using TFN’s model – as well as Pécs, there is a well established group in Ferencvaros (Budapest) and Miskolc. 

If you have any questions about any aspect of TFN’s international work, please email Eugenie Harvey at eugenie@thefundingnetwork.org.uk

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