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Celebrating Prahova's 10th Donor Circle Event

Ionut Alexandrescu from ARC Romania shares his thoughts on the 10th Ploiesti giving circle event. 
In the small town of Ploiesti in Prahova County, Romania with a population of only 200,000, a group of like-minded people came together to make their community stronger. In the four years since their first event, this inspired group has raised almost 20,000 for projects driving positive change. 
At the 10th event in Prahova last week, 70 donors gathered to support 3 projects, each targeting different vulnerable groups to improve lives. 

The event started with a pitch from Zoltan Club, which aims to stop domestic violence and help victims with legal assistance and social services, to help especially women in rural areas to gain safety and regain their lives and dignity. The project presented was deeply emotional, and many of the participants related to the suffering that domestic violence victims face and shared their own stories during the event. The money raised will go on to provide safety for many vulnerable women and provide additional protection through self-defence courses for abuse victims. 

The second project presented by a group of talented young high-schoolers walked us through the history of Ploiesti city and brought together the past and future. Their aim is to recreate buildings lost and demolished during the wall with virtual reality, to take people on a virtual tour through the streets of old Ploiesti.

The final project addressed the needs of 72 children from families with a lower-socio-economic background that are unable to afford clothing and school books. With the funding gained, these children will now be properly equipped to continue their studies.
By the end of this dynamic event the projects had exceeded their financial targets, raising over €2,600. With such a great result, attendees celebrated and promised to continue their investment in their community.

Ionut Alexandrescu, ARC Romania

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