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Baytree Labs - meet our new corporate member

We're delighted to announce that Baytree Labs are supporting TFN by joining as a corporate member. We caught up with founder, Mitul Thobhani, to find out more about Baytree Labs and their interest in becoming a TFN corporate member. 


Could you tell about Baytree Labs does?

After more than 2 decades in the technology sector with countless for-profit corporations and startups, I formed Baytree Labs in 2014 with a vision to use technology to create more meaningful impact. Our offering is 3-fold. First we are a technology consultancy that specialises in helping our clients take their idea to market, from initial idea validation, through defining the proposition and finally designing and developing the product ready for launch. Second, we run an annual academy during the summer months where we deliver training and provide experience on launching a startup. Though similar training exists, we focus more specifically, on the mindset, character and personal habits that together help lead to a culture of success. Lastly we incubate startups ourselves. Currently we have 3 products in our stable each due for launch this year.

Why did Baytree Labs decide to join TFN as a corporate member?

Having attended the recent family event I was struck by how similar our thinking was to the other attendees. We believe strongly that in the world of startups, a mindful approach can lead to meaningful change and through collaboration or even honest competition we can achieve much more.

What was your impression of TFN’s style of live crowdfunding at the family event?

It was refreshingly honest. I have participated in several crowdfunding events over the years for both for-profit and non-profit sectors and they can quite often leave you a little detached whereas at the family event there was a much greater sense of belonging to a collective rather than an individual participating within a group.

What do you hope to get from being a corporate member of TFN?

We hope that we can contribute our experience and connect with like minded people to help continue to build upon the TFN vision.


Thank you to Mitul for speaking to us and to Baytree Labs for supporting us. If you are interested in TFN membership, there are a number of different ways you can join - more information is here.

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