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What kind of charities will be considered?

TFN supports projects that aim to achieve social change and have the potential to enable enduring positive transformation for individuals, communities, society and the environment over the long term.  To read more about the types of projects we have supported please visit Who We Support.

Projects applying for funding do not have to be registered charities; however they must be be not-for-profit with a clear charitable purpose.

The Funding Network does not:
  • support projects which involve the promotion of any specific religion or affiliated to any political party.
  • fund individuals – this includes the costs associated with further education.
  • support fundraising challenges, or the costs associated with these. 
  • typically support charities whose turnover is more than 200x the amount they would be pitching for. For example, at our main London events where the ask is £6,000, charities should have a turnover of less than £1.2million. For YFN, where the ask is £1,000, they should have an income less than £200,000. Whilst these are our broad rules, organisations we fund tend to be much smaller than this.

Charities already funded by TFN may re-apply after at least one year’s gap.

We do not accept unsolicited applications.

If you are unsure whether TFN would support you, try out our quick eligibility checker.

The Application Process

One of the most unusual and interesting aspects of The Funding Network is that all the charities that present at TFN events are nominated by our members.  TFN is a grassroots movement and we want our sponsored projects to come from a wide and diverse group of people. We work in this way to benefit from members’ knowledge of young charitable organisations in need of funding and to deepen members’ involvement in the important charitable work going on around them.

To protect their confidentiality, we do not provide details of our current members.

If you are from a charity seeking funding and you do not know a member of TFN who might wish to propose your organisation, we recommend that a Trustee or unpaid volunteer who knows your organisation well attend an event with a view to becoming a member. Please note, however, that TFN always receives more applications than slots available and there is no guarantee that an organisation will be chosen to present by TFN’s Selection Panel.

TFN Members are routinely updated on when applications are being accepted. Projects who wish to apply for funding are asked to complete an online application form and submit their latest annual accounts.

Nominating a project

  1. Potential sponsors must be current members of The Funding Network, must have attended a Funding Event and have donated a minimum of £100 to at least one other project.
  2. All charities need a sponsor and all project applications must include a quote of approximately 2-3 sentences from their potential sponsor.
  3. If the project is selected, the sponsor has the opportunity to speak for 60 seconds at the funding event on why this project deserves support and puts in the first pledge of £250. This £250 is intended as a ‘bona fide’ – an indication that the sponsor is confident the project is sound and would spend the money wisely. If potential sponsors do not know the organisation well, they should read their charity’s Annual Report or latest accounts.
  4. The sponsor can advise the project on the two-page application.
  5. Sponsors are excluded from being on the Selection Panel considering their project.

The application process for Young Funding Network  and TFN Oxford events is different to the process above. Please read our Oxford Guidance or Young Funding Network Guidance for more information.

What about conflicts of interest?

Sponsors may not be in the paid employ (including consultancy) of a project they sponsor. Other kinds of personal connection with projects, such as Trustee/mentor/volunteer relationships, are fine. Members are asked to clarify their relationship to the project when the application is submitted.

To read more about becoming a TFN member, click here.

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Join a community of friendly philanthropists and discover exciting new projects to engage with. We have varying levels of membership to suit different needs, and all give the opportunity to attend our unique live crowdfunding events. Membership fees also help cover a percentage of TFN's running costs.

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